Bama Sewing Gals


Bama Sewing Gals all got started with an idea that turned into a business! Joan Friedrich had traveled the United States selling machines for the Baby Lock company when one day she decided to make some homemade videos to sell allowing the customers to refer back to anything she had gone over while at the camp. After a few different camps the videos became a hit with the customers!

Since her first video did so well Joan decided to make other types of videos demonstrating different designs, techniques, and projects. Now that she would be making more videos Joan decided to ask her niece, Morganne, if she would help her film. Once the two got together and started filming, they began to come up with other ideas to video for the customers. They also began to think about building their own website to inform customers on new videos, techniques, and projects that could be done. From that day on Bama Sewing Gals was in the making!